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Shopify Lookbook App

Lookbook is an easy to install and easy to configure app which allows your Shopify site to have as limited and display lookbooks everywhere or online product catalogues as you like.

Easy to use with no coding required:
  1. Support 5 lookbook types: Slider, Masonry, Flip, Draw, Instagram
  2. Powerful with Shortcode
  3. Add pages to your Lookbook.
  4. Display on product page
  5. Easy to config
  6. Display on blog page
  7. Powerful app options
  8. Well document
  9. Live support

Other features:
  • Drag and drop marker to lookbook image.
  • Customise title, text, font, color, border, url, youtube iframe, goodle map iframe....
  • Auto suggest product search.
  • Draw Lookbook
  • Responsive design
  • UNLIMITED Lookbook.

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